1. Living alone.
4. Egg laying mammal.
7. The proper name for the echidna's long nose.
8. These insects are a favorite food of echidnas. Some build high mounds.
12. The puggles home for the first months of its life.
14. Powerful.
15. Excavating in the earth.
16. The area traveled by an echidna in its search for food.

2. An echidna uses this to catch its food.
3. Searching for food.
5. A animal which has hair and is able to feed its young with milk.
6. The natural home of a plant or animal.
9. Tachyglossus aculeatus.
10. An echidna egg incubates for how many days?
11. A baby echidna.
13. The echidnas favorite food.
14. Timid and cautious.


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