You will need:   Felt - main colour 12 x 20cm - second colour 12 x 10cm, baby echidna pattern pieces, scrap paper, scissors, pen or pencil, sewing needle and thread, approx half cup of rice, contrasting thread for eyes.

  1. Trace the echidna pattern pieces onto scrap paper and cut them out (figure 1).
  2. Pin the pattern onto the felt. Cut out two body pieces from the main colour and one gusset from the second colour.

  3. Pin the two body pieces together and sew the back seam starting just under the echidna's tail and working all the way around the head to underneath the neck (figure 2).

  4. Pin the gusset into place matching up the feet and the points at the neck and below the tail (figure 3).

  5. Sew the gusset in place but leave a small opening at one side to allow for filling (figure 4).
  6. Fill the echidna with rice and sew up the opening and embroider eyes.

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