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Light reading


Frauca H, Burton B 1974. The Echidna. Lansdowne Press, Melbourne. (From the Young Nature Library series. This Children's book has plenty of photographs and general information. Unfortunately it is out of press, but can often be found in libraries)

Reilly, P 1990. The Echidna. Kangaroo Press, NSW. (Children's story and picture book)

Stodart, E 1989. The Australian Echidna. Houghton Mifflin, Victoria. ("All age" children's book with photographs)

Articles in Magazines or journals:

Hoffman E 1991. Australia's prickly puzzle. Animals 124 (5):5-9.

Hoffman E 1992. Eccentric echidna: Australia's other egg-laying mammal. Pacific Discovery, Summer 1992:25-31.

Rismiller, P.D. 1992. Echidna Research: Tracking a survivor. Zoo News, Melbourne, Healsville, Werribee. June 1992: 3-4.

A little scientific


Augee M and Gooden B 1993. Echidnas of Australia and New Guinea, Aust. Natur. Hist. Series, NSW Univ Press. (General information about echidna biology)

Articles in books, magazines, journals:

Gould SJ 1991. Bligh's Bounty. In: "Bully for Brontosaurus", Hutchinson Radius, London. pp269-280

Grigg GC, Beard LA, Augee ML 1991. Echidnas in the high country. Australian Natural History (ANH) 23:528-537. (Article about echidnas and hibernation)

Rismiller, P.D. 1991. Echidna research 100 years ago and today. Australasian Science Mag 4: 16-22

Rismiller, P.D. and Seymour, R.S. 1991. The Echidna. Scientific American 2:96-103

Rismiller, P.D. 1999. The Echidna, Australia's Enigma. Hugh Lauter Levin Associates, Connecticut.

Seymour, R.S. and Rismiller, P.D. 1989. How echidnas do it. Australasian Science Mag 3:39-43

Heavy scientific stuff


Augee, ML, ed. 1978. Monotreme Biology, Aust. Zool. 20. Royal Zoological Society NSW. (Collection of scientific papers presented at the 1st Monotreme Biology Conference)

Augee ML, ed. 1992. Platypus and Echidnas, Royal Zoological Society NSW. (Collection of scientific papers presented at the 2nd Monotreme Biology Conference)

Griffiths M 1978. The Biology of the Monotremes. Academic Press, New York. (Scientific based book comparing the biology of all three monotremes. Available at most libraries. A good in-depth reference book)

Articles in books or journals:

Abensperg-Traun, M. The influence of climate on patterns of termite eating Australian mammals and lizards. Australian Journal of Ecology 19:65-71

Abensperg-Traun, M. The foraging ecology of a termite- and ant-eating specialist, the echidna Tachyglossus aculeatus. Journal of Zoology 226:243-57

Griffiths M 1989. Tachyglossidae. In: "Fauna of Australia". Eds.

DW Walton, BJ Richardson. Canberra. Vol. 1B Mammalia. pp. 407-435. (Good concise reference to learn what is known about the echidna)

Grigg G and Beard L 1996. Heart rates and respiratory rates of free-ranging echidnas. Evidence for metabolic inhibition during hibernation? In "Adaptations to the Cold", F. Geiser, A.J. Hulbert and S.C Nicol, ed. pp13-22. University of New England Press, Armidale

Nicol S and Andersen N 1996. Hibernation in the echidna: notan adaptation to cold? In "Adaptations to the Cold"; F. Geiser, A.J. Hulbert and S.C Nicol, ed. pp7-12. University of New England Press, Armidale

Rismiller, P.D. and McKelvey M.W. 1996. Sex, torpor and activity in temperate climate echidnas. In "Adaptations to the Cold"; F. Geiser, A.J. Hulbert and S.C Nicol, ed. pp23-30. University of New England Press, Armidale

Rismiller, P.D. and McKelvey M.W. 1995. Orientation and homing in the short-beaked echidna. In "Reintroduction Biology of Australian and New Zealand Fauna", M. Serena, ed. pp. 227-234. Surrey Beatty & Sons NSW




Traveling exhibitions

ECHIDNA DISCOVERIES, 1792 TO NOW available from Echidna Care.

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