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Why Rosenberg’s Watch?

Rosenberg’s goanna have disappeared over about 80% of their original home range.

They are now considered threatened to vulnerable in every state where they once occurred.

Kangaroo Island is the last stronghold for Rosenberg’s goanna and the only place individuals have been studied for many years.


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FAQ regarding sightings:

Is there more than one species of goanna on Kangaroo Island?

No, if you see a goanna on KI it will be a Rosenberg’s goanna.

Are there any similar looking goannas on the mainland?

The only other similar goanna on the mainland that lives in the same range is Gould’s sand goanna, Varanus gouldii

Rosenberg’s goanna

Gould’s goanna

How can I tell a Rosenberg’s from a Gould’s goanna?

Colouration is not a reliable indicator. Gould’s goanna, sometimes, but not always have a yellow tip to the tail. If possible, get a close look at the head. The nostrils of Gould’s goanna are much more pronounced than in Rosenberg’s.

Rosenberg's Nostril

Gould's Nostril

What is the distribution of the Gould's goanna?

The map below shows the distribution of the Gould's goana. Note that there are not any on Kangaroo Island.

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